Conduct of Building Work by Contractors


It is your responsibility to supervise your contractors.  It is not fair on the estate manager or the directors for them to have to deal with your contractors.

Commercial vehicles are not normally permitted to park on the estate. Builders and other tradesmen may park for short periods only while loading and unloading or if it is absolutely necessary for a vehicle to be near the property where work is being carried out. Loading or unloading should be completed within 10 minutes, unless there are exceptional circumstances.  If unattended, the vehicle should have a note by the windscreen advising which house is being visited.

A penalty ticket scheme is in place, in particular for commercial vehicles not complying with the above rules.  A penalty charge notice may be issued by the company’s contractor Flashpark Ltd to the registered owner of the vehicle in question..


The use of skips should be avoided if at all possible. In any event, they should not be parked on the estate overnight.  If your contractor requires a skip, please ensure that materials for disposal are stored on your premises until a full load is ready, and that the skip is on the estate for the shortest possible time. You must ensure that adequate protection, such as shuttering board, is placed under the skip to prevent damage to the surfaces in the common areas.

Estate property

·       Building materials should be stored on your premises, not on the common parts.  Other residents should not have to put up with the unsightly appearance of such materials.

·       If it is necessary to unload onto the common parts, the materials should be moved immediately onto your property, and the common parts cleaned thereafter.

·       Because of the risk of damaging the estate, the mixing of concrete, mortar, plaster and other building materials should not be carried out on estate property.

·       Brickwork, steps, paved areas and planting likely to be damaged by the movement of the contractor’s plant and equipment should be fully protected.

·       Because of the risk of blocking the estate drainage system, builders’ waste should not be washed down estate drains, or indeed your drains as most drains are common to other residents.

·       Permission is required from the company before erecting any scaffolding on the common parts of the estate. The scaffolding should not impede or endanger pedestrians or restrict vehicular access to garages. Scaffolding should be removed directly on the completion of the work.

·       Builders should not use the common parts of the estate for having lunch or other breaks from work


We ask that any noisy work is carried out only between 0800 and 1800 Mondays to Fridays, and not at all on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays.  We have previously accepted working on Saturday mornings, but have changed this as a result of  complaints from residents.
The Monday to Friday hours are taken from Camden Council’s Guide for Contractors, and are intended to protect your neighbours