Parking is a perennial problem.   Residents who do not use their garages for parking are simply adding to these problems. Garages should be used primarily for parking vehicles and should not be used for any storage purposes preventing this.

Please note the following rules in respect of parking, the objective of which is to ensure that the limited available parking space is used for the benefit of all residents:

·       All residents (including the Estate Manager and his resident family) are permitted to park in the estate common areas, provided they do so in the marked parking bays and abide by any rules applicable to individual bays. This does not include commercial vehicles owned by residents. A ‘resident’ is any person living on the estate at the time in question.

·       This permission applies only to vehicles that are licensed and insured and in regular use

·       Not counting visitors’ cars, no more than two vehicles per household may be parked in the common areas.

·     Genuine visitors, including overnight guests, may also park on the estate. This does not include tradesmen, who are subject to separate rules (see ‘Contractors’), but does include domestic help, carers etc.

·       Residents may not permit non-resident family or friends to leave vehicles on the estate when not actually visiting.

·       In no circumstances may vehicles may  obstruct emergency access, not even for short term loading or unloading.

·       Neither should inconsiderate parking block access to garages, obstruct pedestrian access or damage flower beds.  Vehicles should not be parked on pavements except that by the driveway to the lower part of the estate, and then with one set of wheels only on the block paving and within the marked bays.

Commercial vehicles
Commercial vehicles are not normally permitted to park on the estate. Builders and other tradesmen may park for short periods only while loading and unloading or if it is absolutely necessary for a vehicle to be near the property where work is being carried out see the Contractors page. Loading or unloading should be completed within 10 minutes, unless there are exceptional circumstances.  If unattended, the vehicle should have a note by the windscreen advising which house is being visited.

Penalty ticket scheme
A penalty ticket scheme is in place, in particular for commercial vehicles not complying with the above rules.  A penalty charge notice may be issued by the company’s contractor Flashpark Ltd to the registered owner of the vehicle in question.

Changes and amendments
The Board reserves the right to add to or amend these rules, and to introduce measures to enforce them, but will normally consult with residents before doing so.